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Chefs at the finest restaurants in our community agree:
if you care about taste and quality, as well as supporting the best in small local farms, you choose High Lawn.

Listen to their testimonials below.

Gert Alper, Chef and Owner at the Swiss Hütte in Hillsdale, NY speaks about using High Lawn Farm cream at his restaurant.
Dan Smith of John Andrews Restaurant in Egremont, MA talks about his 24-year relationship with High Lawn Farm products in his award-winning farm-to-table restaurant.
Michael Ballon, Chef and Owner, Castle St Café in Great Barrington, MA talks about using High Lawn Farm products in his restaurant.

Red Lion Inn Executive Chef Brian Alberg talks about using High Lawn Farm Products.

Peter Platt, Owner and Chef at The Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough, MA, talks about using High Lawn Farm products in his restaurant and store.


I’ve been using High Lawn products since 1985. It’s a question of quality. It’s head and shoulders better—it’s an extraordinary product, helps everything taste better.

If you care about how things taste, and quality, you choose High Lawn. Their method of pasteurization lends itself to maintaining the quality of the flavor.Even for just using in coffee, you can taste the difference.

If they didn’t have the genetics and were able to sell sperm around the world, they wouldn’t have a business today. It’s an amazing history.
— Peter Platt, chef and owner, The Old Inn at New Marlborough, New Marlborough, MA
1990 — I’ve been using High Lawn since we opened and continue to this day. High butterfat content in their milk makes great ice cream. We use solely (High Lawn) dairy products in all our desserts. It’s great to have such a long-lasting farm in this area. And they also support the community in the Berkshires.

I use their butter, I use their whole milk—we make ricotta for our house-made gnocchi and pasta products, their milk and heavy cream to make ice cream.

Along with the high butterfat content and also no traces of growth hormones or any other additives, it’s a great product.
— Dan Smith, chef and owner, John Andrews, South Egremont, MA
Originally we began using High Lawn because they’re local. And service—service is a big deal. If I need anything, Roberto (Laurens, General Manager) is down here in no time.

Their milk is great, the butterfat content is tremendous, it’s great in cooking, baking— I use their butter— primarily all the milk and dairy products we serve here are from High Lawn.

(Higher butterfat is) positive for both mouth feel, texture on your tongue and on your palate, but it also holds better when you emulsify something, holds better for whipped cream, in sauces like crème anglaise.

I think the Jersey milk really makes a difference.
It’s the richness, first of all. And the flavor.
— Brian Alberg, chef, The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, MA
We’ve been using High Lawn dairy products for 25 years, from the very first. We still actually leave notes for the driver pinned up on the back door, the old-fashioned way.

We make home-made ice cream, we make crème brûlée, we make all sorts of sauces with High Lawn milk and cream. When you open the cap, particularly on the cream, and you see that thick gunk of real old-fashioned cream, you know it’s the real deal.
— Michael Ballon, chef and owner, Castle St. Café, Great Barrington, MA
We’ve been associated with High Lawn for 29 years, since delivery still came in the old-fashioned metal containers, before the bottles. We use High Lawn cream because of its consistency and high-quality, it never fails. They’re always there for you.

We use quite a bit of it, probably two cases a week, and we use it in all our desserts, our soups, our butter sauces—it’s a great product.
— Gert Alper, chef and owner, Swiss Hutte, Hillsdale, NY
When you open the product you can see the difference. It’s really nice and fresh, works well in all our everyday uses.

We’ve been using High Lawn Farm ice cream at events for up to 2600 students—they really appreciate it, the higher butterfat content, it’s really delicious.

Since 2002 High Lawn committed to giving us a really great product, fresh, delivered three days a week. It’s been a pleasure working with them. They treat us really, really well, with their products and their service.

In the Williams College Real Food Challenge, High Lawn Farms ranks well in all categories.
— Mark Thompson, Williams College Executive Chef, Williamstown, MA
High Lawn’s kind, courteous and professional staff has been delivering us dairy products since our opening day. To say they are an institution would be an understatement, if I could imagine how to sum up their business it would to say they are a pillar of what the farm-to-table movement is all about.
— Bjorn Somlo, chef and owner, Nudel, Lenox, MA

List of restaurants using High Lawn products

BERKSHIRES and Hudson Valley

Haven Café and Bakery, Lenox and Great Barrington
Elbow Room, Pittsfield
Nudel, Lenox
The Mill on the Floss, New Ashford
Gramercy Bistro, North Adams
The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge
Castle Street Café, Great Barrington
Old Inn on the Green, New Marlborough
John Andrews, South Egremont
Swiss Hutte, Hillsdale, NY
Collin’s Diner, North Canaan, CT
Mexican Radio, Hudson, NY
Wheatleigh, Lenox
Martin’s Restaurant, Great Barrington
Old Forge, Lanesborough
Mezze Bistro, Williamstown
Marketplace Café, Pittsfield
Spoon, Lenox
Starving Artist Café, Lee
Baba Louie’s, Great Barrington and Pittsfield, and Hudson, NY
Trattoria Il Vesuvio, Lenox
Trattoria Rustica, Pittsfield
Café Adam, Great Barrington
Tomasso Trattoria & Enoteca, Southborough

BOSTON  metro

Strip-T’s, Brookline
Ribelle, Brookline
Area Four, Cambridge
Dave’s Fresh Pasta, Somerville
Flatbread Company, Somerville
Mamma Maria, Boston


SoMa Catering, Pittsfield
Debra’s Natural Gourmet, Concord
Season to Taste, Cambridge


Berkshire Medical Center, Pittsfield
Abode of the Message, New Lebanon, NY
Kripalu Center, Stockbridge
Fairview Hospital, Great Barrington


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