brand new to our product line-up:

Cultured Ghee

 Clarified butter…but better.

Our journey begins with the highest quality cream from our 100% Jersey herd which we gently culture for 24 hours, as was done in ancient Ayurvedic times. Then, in small batches we churn it into butter.

During the clarification process, we slowly allow the moisture to dissipate and the milk solids to drift to the bottom of the pot to caramelize. And finally what we’re left with is a liquid gold, uniquely nutty and fresh flavored Ghee that will satisfy your palette with it’s smooth, rich texture.


Use in the all the same wonderful ways you’d use butter: 

  • Spread on toast 

  • Sautéed veggies

  • Frying

  • Baking

  • BBQ

  • Dairy-free lattes

Head over to the Ruminations Blog to get some simple and delicious recipes using our Ghee, like Summer Seared Veggies with Lemon-Thyme Infused Ghee Glaze, or Morning Coff-Ghee (think BulletProof Coffee).

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Health Benefits

  • It’s packed with fat-soluble vitamins which helps boost your intake of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K. 

  • Improves digestion & inflammation because it’s high in butyrate, which is key to promoting a healthy gut microbiome. And it’s essential for detoxing and elimination of other fats & toxins. 

  • CLA in Ghee helps to lower cholesterol & high blood pressure and reduce inflammation. 

  • Virtually lactose- and casein-free so most people with lactose or casein allergies/sensitivities can consume ghee without any irritation. 

  • High smoke point of 485°F which makes it perfect for sautéing, baking, roasting & BBQ’ing without destroying important nutrients. 

  • Supports weight loss, like coconut oil because energy from medium-chain fatty acids in ghee actually burn other fats in our system, leading to weight loss. 

  • And it has a deep & rich, nuttier flavor than butter so you’ll need even less of it to achieve that delicious buttery flavor.





High Lawn Farm Ghee Is Available At The Following Berkshires Locations:

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace, Great Barrington & Pittsfield

Nejaime’s Wine Cellar, Stockbridge & Lenox

Peace Haven Project, Great Barrington

Berkshire Co-op, Great Barrington

Taft Farms, Great Barrington

Spirited, Pittsfield



Don’t live in Western Massachusetts? No problem. Hop on over to our online store & we’ll ship one (or a few!) to you.