Our Traditional Creamery Line


From the way we care for our herd, to our milking and pasteurization methods, through to product creation, the special care and attention to detail that we give during each step of the process shines through in every delectable dairy product we make.


100% natural Jersey milk & CREAM

Always free of antibiotics and added hormones, our line of farm-fresh milks are the creamiest and most naturally sweet variety you’ve tasted!

Sweet cream Butter

Made in small batches, slow churned, and full of the golden goodness of our cream.

premium ice cream

Cool off and satisfy your sweet tooth. We also produce seasonal and custom flavors for restaurants and stores with a minimum order.


new! cultured Ghee

 Clarified butter…but better. Made in the traditional Ayurvedic style from our cultured cream.

new! Farmstead cheese

A selection of artisanal cheeses ranging from soft lactic bloomy-rind buttons, to harder washed-rind wheels, and a few in between.