Our New Milk Processing Plant

In 2015 High Lawn Farm completed construction of an entirely new, state-of-the-art milk processing facility. With computer-controlled management of every step, the facility is designed to bring the highest quality, freshest product to the market, and with the new loader and conveyor reduces much of the manual labor employees had been responsible for.

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Ruminations BlogRachel T
You’re Drinking the Wrong Kind of Milk

An emerging body of research suggests that many of the 1 in 4 Americans who exhibit symptoms of lactose intolerance could instead be unable to digest A1, a protein most often found in milk from the high-producing Holstein cows favored by American and some European industrial dairies. The A1 protein is much less prevalent in milk from Jersey, Guernsey, and most Asian and African cow breeds, where, instead, the A2 protein predominates.

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Gelato Making with High Lawn Farm Whole Milk

Although students flock enthusiastically to snack bar’s gelato station, few know the process and ingredients that create the colorful ridges of cold, sweet creaminess. In fact, many eager consumers are probably unaware that this frozen dessert needs not travel far to reach its intermediary destination – gelato and sorbet master Trish makes both delicacies in the basement of Paresky.

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