Two Simple & Delicious Recipes for Enjoying High Lawn Farm Ghee


Ghee can be enjoyed in all of the same ways you enjoy butter: on toast, in a stir-fry, when you bake, in your coffee…wait. Yes, you heard right. You can add ghee to your coffee. And it’s delicious.

So why would anyone think to add ghee to their morning cup of joe? Well for starters, it makes a beautifully rich, creamy and frothy latte without adding any milk or cream. So for those latte-lovers who have lactose or dairy sensitivities, this is the way to go.

We like to call it Coff-Ghee (think BulletProof Coffee). It’s less acidic than black coffee, because ghee’s naturally high in butyric acid which is excellent for gut health. And when consumed simultaneously with coffee, the caffeine actually binds to fat molecules of the ghee and are more slowly digested by the stomach - which means a sustained caffeine boost, and none of that miserable jolt-then-crash business.

So have we talked you into trying it yet? That’s what we like to hear!

Here’s the recipe:

High Lawn farm morning coff-ghee


1 tsp - 1 Tbsp of High Lawn Farm Ghee 

About 5 oz fresh brewed coffee (1 cup) 

Sweetener (optional) 


1. Add ghee, coffee and sweetener to blender 

2. Gradually increase speed to med/high; 30-45 seconds 

3. Pour into mug and enjoy! 


And here’s another tasty recipe created by one of cheesemakers, Chef Matt Schweizer:

Seared Summer Veggies w/ Herb-Infused Ghee 

A light and refreshing summer snack or side dish packed with flavor and simple to make.


First, prepare the Lemon-Thyme infused Ghee Glaze by following the steps below.

Lemon-Thyme Infused Ghee Glaze 


1 8oz jar of High Lawn Farm Ghee 

1/4 bundle of fresh thyme 

Zest of 1 lemon


1. Warm entire jar of ghee in a skillet set to low heat (about 130°F) 

2. Add 1/4 bundle thyme & lemon zest 

3. Mind the skillet for 30 min 

4. Strain out herbs 

5. Pour back into jar 

Another way to enjoy this herb-infused glaze is brushed on grilled fish or any BBQ meat. Serve warm. 

Next, sear some veggies.

Seared Summer Veggies w/ Herb-Infused Ghee 


  • 1 zuccinni 

  • 1 summer squash 

  • 5 radishes 

  • High Lawn Farm Ghee infused with Lemon & Thyme 


1. Cut zuccinni, summer squash, and radishes into half moons 

2. Get skillet piping hot 

3. Toss in the veggies, stir or jump a couple of times for 15-30 seconds (but not too much - you want them to caramelize and blacken a bit) 

4. Dress the veggies with Herb-infused Ghee Glaze while all ingredients are still warm 

5. Salt & pepper to taste 

6. Serve hot & enjoy!