Our New Milk Processing Plant


In 2015 High Lawn Farm completed construction of an entirely new, state-of-the-art milk processing facility. With computer-controlled management of every step, the facility is designed to bring the highest quality, freshest product to the market, and with the new loader and conveyor reduces much of the manual labor employees had been responsible for.

The raw milk enters the plant and is continually tested and graded through the pasteurization process. Strict temperature control and monitoring take place during this important stage. This is the process invented by Louis Pasteur 150 years ago to kill harmful pathogens, and as always High Lawn uses a lower allowable temperature to maintain safety, quality and taste. 

Once the milk has been pasteurized it is then passed onto the bottling line where nearly every step of the process is automated. Clean, new bottles are labelled, filled and capped during this phase. Each bottle is hand inspected and packed and the final product is stored immediately in the refrigeration room until it ships. To ensure complete sterility and cleanliness, incoming milk crates are sterilized before re-use.

The processing plant is an important milestone in High Lawn’s proud 100-year history, allowing a more streamlined delivery of the best Jersey milk to market.

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