Katsblog Farm Feature: High Lawn Farm



When it comes to milk, the fresher the better, and nothing is fresher than dairy from High Lawn Farm in Lee, MA. The last remaining, complete dairy farm in the Berkshires, High Lawn Farm has been producing, bottling and delivering milk locally since before 1900. In 1935, Marjorie Field Wilde and her husband George took over the operations of her family’s 1,500-acre farm, which their family still owns and operates today.

The owners aren’t the only ones with a family lineage at High Lawn Farm. Some of the cow families presently in the High Lawn herd are direct descendants of the original herd of 1918 from 15 generations ago. Instead of the typical large, black-and-white Holsteins used for dairy, Jersey is the only breed you’ll see at High Lawn Farm. The owners of High Lawn Farm even received the “Master Breeder” award from the American Jersey Cattle Club for their dedication to improving the breed.

These smaller, brown cows use less land and resources, are more sustainable, and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Milk from Jersey cows is higher in protein, calcium and butterfat, making it richer in nutrients and flavor.

High Lawn prides itself on being a part of the local farming community and, in doing so, taking the best possible care of their cows. They partner with Berkshire Grown as well as Buy Local Food organizations to support and encourage local agriculture. Their cows feed off the farm’s fresh grass during the summertime. Wintertime feed comes directly from High Lawn’s own non-GMO corn and hay fields, and never includes animal by-products or hormones.

Consistently in our Rootdown Selection, we carry High Lawn’s chocolate, low fat, skim fat-free and whole milk in half gallons.

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